Kymothoe Elite – “a different class” took its name from beautiful nymph Kymothoe, daughter of Nireas, as a symbol of elegance, finesse and allure. Who saw nymph Kymothoe…, wonders the renowned Greek poet Kostis Palamas in his poem “Kymothoe”. According to the Greek mythology, Kymothoe was one of the fifty Nereids, goddesses of the sea, helpful to sailors fighting perilous storms. She was a beautiful young maiden, surrounded by dolphins, resting in the deep blue seas of Greece… Kymothoe Elite – “a different class” is with no doubt, the excellent choice for your holiday retreat, where hospitality is offered within a lavish and extravagant environment for your absolute rejuvenation. Our privileged apartments offer sweeping views to the Ionian Sea; they are defined by luxurious and state-of-the-art materials,

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Tarife vacanta KYMOTHOE ELITE, Zakynthos - Greece

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